He visited with her over a cup of coffee.

It was shining in the sky.

I'll call on you on Sunday.

The doctor said that there is nothing wrong with me.

Omar was standing at the bar, having a beer.

She is a most wise mother.


I know that you put your best effort into it.

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She will never have a second chance to visit Europe.


Snow indicates the coming of winter.

I don't know that much about Saiid.

I cannot clear the backyard by myself.

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I'll set the table for six people.

Why don't we go meet them?

Answer as soon as possible!

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No matter what the cost, I will accomplish that.

I'm just a kid.

The tsunami alert was cancelled.


Harv and Harvey are right behind John.

Where can I buy silk?

I really don't want to go there.


We cannot exist without water.

The villagers were displaced by the construction of a dam.

Let's take a look at that.


Barney has been keeping secrets from us.


I could have won the race if I hadn't sprained my ankle.

Sid is a Master Gardener.

I still think it's weird.

The giant panda is recognised as a national treasure of China, but in some conservation areas it is still killed by poachers.

Can I go with him?

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The man who stops learning is as good as dead.


"Hello, people of the world!"

Rich went to a concert just the other day.

You're in my house, so please follow my rules.

He described the incident in detail.

I didn't really have a choice.

I held my breath and waited.

I am going to get dressed.

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Are you an active member of the union?

I know who to call when I need help.

Dan will always contribute sentences.


Judge deserves this.


Who ate the bread?


I am very tired from the hard work.

I intend him to help me with my homework.

The second question is needed to provide an answer to the first one.


Is that the book that Timothy gave you?


I doubt seriously that it was Ed who broke the window.


I sell new umbrellas.

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They'll think of something.

We believe that Sean killed Raul with an ice pick.

To translate is to betray.

I have plenty of money.

Mosur could be useful to us in the future.

Please inform me of any change in his condition.

We don't talk about that here.


I want them to live.

Rajeev asked me if I would be willing to help him after school today.

I don't miss you at all.

If I were to die, what would my family do?

If you had a time machine, when would you go to?


No matter how much it costs.

I just had a meeting with the new client.

Keep on controlling.

He's my husband.

Where's mommy?


I still don't care.

Firstly, we mustn't be selfish.

Happiness is a choice.

I was a little nervous.

This car has an alarm.

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There are dark nights in Sochi.


We're as good as dead.


Connie doesn't want to travel alone.

Rakhal looked like he was prepared.

The butler announced Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Her husband is a nice-looking man who is a little on the lean side.

Tanaka kept going.

I just want to sit in a corner and cry.

He did not repent of his idleness till he failed in the examination.

I thought we could sit here for a while and just talk.

You both want the same thing, right?

I understand you need to speak with Stanly.

It is doubtful whether he will keep his word.

gradual changes take place in our city every year

Malloy wished he could understand French better.

No one would hurt you.

Love is as important to me as money is to her.


I went to the airport to see my friend off.

It is difficult to get him to do anything on the spur of the moment.

His unique perspective helped shed light on the situation.

Did you really talk to Johan about this?

Just don't tell anyone else.


Do you have any pictures of your great grandparents?

He had all the attributes of a leader.

Your excellent work puts me to shame.


Jarl and Wendi seem to be in love with each other.

You're a wonderful guy.

Skeeter is gullible, isn't he?


Get off me!

We're all worried about her.

Those animals were in danger of dying out.


Triantaphyllos fixed it.

We all regret what happened.

The dead body was identified by a mole on the cheek.

The committee got down to business after coffee.

Cynthia and Deborah used to be inseparable.

These boys are not good at speaking to girls.

I'm very glad about that.

There's a good chance that he'll be late.

I thank you for your honesty.

You can get in touch with me tomorrow.

Are you suggesting that Andrea killed all those people?

He's a historian. He's now studying the structure of war.

They wouldn't stop.

Catch that person.

She has more books than she can read.


The people who are not in a hurry walk on the right side of the staircase.

The dinosaurs in the film "Jurassic Park" were true to life.

That's pretty lame.

Rod felt like a new man.

You're boring.

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I've heard that King's plans have changed.

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Aaron is in charge of all forthcoming deals with Asia.


Loukas's a very pessimistic person and always sees the negative side of any situation.


I know you don't have time to help us.

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The country is rich in natural resources.

You might need the calculator now.

Man is a vertebrate and has an immortal soul as well as a fatherland, so that he doesn't get too cocky.

Devon had to rewrite his essay.

My father used to read to me at bedtime.

Napoleon's army advanced up to Moscow.

This is madness.


The world resources are limited.

We'll destroy their dens.

Stop popping pimples in front of the mirror.


I don't care how I look.

She came three minutes after I called.

Why didn't you just do what you said you'd do?

She had her hair cut short.

This door locks by itself.

This district is known for its beautiful scenery.

Humor can be dissected, as a frog can, but the thing dies in the process and the innards are discouraging to any but the pure scientific mind.


Let's go over the plan one more time.

Would you have some time on Monday to come over and help me move my piano?

The truth is that the statement is his personal view.

The king had great difficulty giving speeches because of a severe speech impediment.

I am fine, thank you.

There was only one problem.

They identified him with God.

Brodie went ballistic.

Jun is dreaming again.

I can't afford to buy all the things I want.

I didn't give them a choice.

I will give you a call tomorrow night.

Diligence was the principal factor in his remarkable promotion.


I will do everything I can to go.


She stood by her husband whenever he was in trouble.

Dinner will be served on board the plane.

Basketball is fun to watch.